peonies in rock garden

lisaloo(MA z6)June 12, 2013

Hi - I'm just exploring the idea of adding peonies to a rock garden I have that needs some rehab. The soil is not super deep anywhere, probably around 10 - 12 inches at its deepest spots. But its in great full sun... Is that too shallow?

Thanks in advance!

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I know there are several smaller peonies that are generally used in rock gardens. I assume they have smaller, shallower roots because you would expect the soil to be shallower than in a traditional garden bed. Try a search on Merry Mayshine, that's a fernleaf hybrid that's small enough. Probably any of the reputable peony sellers will give you a list lf suitable candidates. I've had really good customer service from Adelmans Peony Paradise, they're very good about answering queries. Good luck!

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Just looked at Klehm's Song Sparrow Farm website, they have a section for rock garden peonies. Their website is, just look under the Plants tab and select Rock Garden Peonies, they have 15 plants listed.

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