Saved a peony

Lucky_LadJune 13, 2013

Hello, I have a question for the group. I bought an old house 20 years ago. I was cleaning out one neglected shady garden pulling weeds from under bushes.. I saw one weed about 4 or 5 inches tall and thought the leaves looked like a peony. I moved it to a sunny garden and that year it thrived but didn't bloom. I can't remember if it was the next year or the one after but it finally bloomed. And it's the most beautiful peony I have ever seen in my limited experience. It also has an intoxicating fragrance. I've since divided it into about 5 good sized plants. Did I save some rare antique strain, or is it a common plant I haven't seen because they don't sell it at WalMart? Thanks, Laddie

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Wow, that is a beauty! I don't thinks you would find this at any Walmart or even garden centers. I particularly love the light blush on the outer petals. Great find and save!

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Thanks, I am pleased to have made the save. The first picture is today, on it's first day of bloom. This other picture is after they are open for a few days.
Cheers, Laddie

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OK, I just looked at illinoisdoglover's post of all their amazing peonies. I had no idea they came in so many varieties. By far I see mostly red or white plants in Maine. So maybe my find isn't as rare as I thought it may be, but I still think it is very beautiful. I may have to venture into some more exotic peony purchases now. I still would like to know if "mine" has a name. Any insights would be very appreciated.

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It looks like an anemone type to me, don't know a name. There is a good search engine at, looked at the anemone types but didn't see a pic with colors like yours. Some didn't have pics, though, so might have to write down names and do some searches. Good luck!

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Hey Lucky Lad, take a look at Laura Dessert Peony, see if that might be yours. Mine just opened today and looks a lot like your pic.

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terrene(5b MA)

It is a beauty! Great save.

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Thanks. I looked at Laura Dessert and the description calls the center yellow. If I squint one eye I guess it could be yellow on mine, but I would call it ivory. And after a couple of days, it's off white. Also different light makes it look different. Thanks for the comments. Laddie

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