Seeds question

trishmick(z7NJ)April 15, 2014

Gathered a few seeds from underneath these at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando recently. Football shaped with thin green fruit. Robusta?

Also, found brown, football shaped seeds underneath a Royal with no fruit. Is that a description of a Royal seed? Or, do I have something else? The CIDP seeds I gathered are undoubtedly from the tree.

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football shaped? What about size? Washingtonia seeds are spherical and super dinky (about the size and shape of a large peppercorn). CIDP seeds are frequently infertile since you need a male and female in very close proximity to get good seed (not always, bees can move pollen a good distance, but then you really dont know what you have until it grows pretty large- very common to get hybrid palms from ripe CIDP seeds). Can't comment on Royal seeds since I have not seen one up close.

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Unless I mislabeled them, one of the CIDP seeds has sprouted. Long wait ahead...

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