needle question and yucca ID

P.J._in_MDApril 26, 2012

How difficult is it to move a small needle (besides very carefully due to the sharp needles)? I'm particularly interested if they hate being disturbed and will need a long time to re-establish roots. Do needles have deep or shallow root systems?

Also, I bought this from Plants Delights 3 years ago as a yucca recurvifolia. It's very healthy but has longer fronds and is droopy compared to the others growing or for sale in this area. Could this be something other than a recurvifolia?

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Not sure about the needle. The yucca looks good. After about 3 or 4 years and some cleaning of dead leaves it will develop a trunk and look like a little palm

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I dont think you will have a problem digging up the needle palm because you have a lot of room to make sure you dig as far out from the rootball as possible. Try not to damage any roots because root damage will set it back, but they will recover from root damage. Might take 2 years to fully establish (just like if it was newly planted) after that it should grow fast!
Nice yucca! Not sure of the species, but it looks great. Almost reminds me of a ponytail palm!

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