Extremes in Spring Weather Cause Color Fluctuations?

lizbest1(5)June 8, 2013

I've been trying to ID a single peony, have it in 2 different strings here. I'm noticing though that a lot of my buds on the verge of opening have more white in them than in prior years. We had some extremely cold spring weather and snow at least once a week through April with several 10 deg nights early in the month and a few 55-60 deg days mixed in toward the end of April. Could the colors I'm seeing on the peony I'm having trouble IDing just be fluke because of the weather? I don't remember any buds being marbled like this one in previous years. Pics in Project ID off to a Poor Start and Does anyone grow Sugar N Spice Peony.

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This is a side shot of Brightness, don't remember any white on it before.....

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And this is head on of the same peony....

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Whatever it is, it is very special. I have never seen a peony with the cream color on the underside. It has a nice effect. Maybe that is why it is called Sugar n Spice. They said as the peony root matures, the flowers become more like what they should be and the color variations of this peony reflect that?

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That's just it--known varieties that have no white or cream in them seem to be mixed this year. The pic above is Brightness--normally an absolutely pure red. All of the coral peonies are lighter this year with streaks of white on the buds, again not normal. The peony that I was trying to ID that had the extremely mixed bud has been in that same spot for at least 5 years and bloomed from the first year. I never took photos before so can't say absolutely sure but I hope I would've noticed dramatic bud colors like that one. I guess I'll just have to wait until next year and see if the crazy colors repeat.

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