dug up peony-left it out-?

merrydJune 6, 2005

I was working in the garden late last night-went in the house for a minute but pooped out. Figured the things I'd dug up could wait till morning (forgat about the peonies), then got called in to work. So, these lil' peony tubers-only abot 4 & 6 stems-were out in 90* wheather with some morning sun. I got home about 4 and stuck them in a bucket of water immediatly-no wilting.

How long can they stay in some water, there's very little soil around them-their bed was nice and loose so it mostly feel off. I'm going to put then in pots for awhile until I've got a new home for them.

These plants were here when we moved in 10 yrs ago but due to garden and shade changes have declined significantly. The small one was completely smothered by a rhodie. My question is do the tubers shrink in size if unhappy or just stagnate as their production reduces?

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As long as they are still alive they should recover and if planted in the right location in rich soil with lots of compost dug in should take off in a couple of years. A peony in such a location for 10 years should have very large root mass. Al

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