Flowering Medierranean Fan and Productive Seed.

subtropixApril 9, 2010

Just outside and noticed that a large clumping Chamaerops humilis is covered in flower buds (on at least two of the larger trunks). This is at least the second year in a row that it has done this. My question is can the plant be propagated from these seeds eventually. How do I know when the seed is ripe once flowers open. Last year when my P. roebellin bloomed, the question didn't occur to me because date palms are either male or female and I only had the male flowering at the time. Thanks in advance.

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Both palms you have need a male and female. It still looks nice and makes you feel good when you get you palms to flower!!

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Thank you Mike. I knew about date palms but didn't realize Meds are are normally either male or female. I say normally because I did a little research and apparently there are occasional exceptions for Meds (a few apparently have both gendered flowers on the same plant). I haven't mastered the art of making divisions from their pups--too prickly to even want to try that.

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Yeah I dont think I would want to separate a med. fan palms pups either! It looks better with them all on and more importantly, its just sharp. I planted mine medd. fan palm yesterday in the ground. They are very nice palms. I like the leaf habit and form.
Enjoy the flowers!

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Ill I have a mediterranean palm and I cut and trim it has almost 2 ft straight trunk. Looks like a trachy almost. Theres a pup coming up now if you want when I let it get bigger and send it to you.

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Mike, that is extremely generous of you but I will pass on that.--Thank you though. So, you are able to separate their pups, tell us how to do it! Mine is covered with pups. In fact, a few of the pups are flowering I notice! I believe Meds and Trachys are related botanically (Meds are the European relatives of the Asiatic Trachys). Difference is that Trachys are much more moisture tolerant and Meds more arid-loving. Eventually, I am going to be tempted to plant this thing in the ground. I did plant a much smaller "Vulcan" in the front of the house. "Vulcan" has leaves that are less finely divided (kind of remind me of Chinese fans).

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I take the palm out of the pot and put a long blad on the saw zaw and cut them off and toss them in the trash. Hears how I keep it

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