Question on Peony Buds

wishfulgardenJune 2, 2009

I seem to recall my peonies blooming the first week of June last year. This year, there are a bunch of buds that are now starting to show color but are not at that "marshmallow" stage but they haven't bloomed yet. I do see other neighbors a few blocks away with blooming plants. Though I know that peonies come in early,mid and late season varieties, is there cause for concern that these beauties haven't bloomed yet?

These plants are my FAVORITE and I'm dying for them to bloom, so I'm a nervous nellie that for some reason they won't.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hmm, I have some unnamed variety that finally put out a single bloom this year. It got to where it was almost ready to open, and then just sat there for 3 days! I finally got impatient and gently opened it myself...there were a few ants on it too. Not sure if it's all the rain we are having is drowning the ants or what?

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I'd say be patient. Your neighbor's yard may have different light conditions that yours. I have several peonies that are fully opened and several just starting to open and a few still have tight bud balls. My neighbor down the street, with a bit less sun than me, has only tight buds. Her flowers usually bloom a week later than mine.

Relax and enjoy!

BTW, the ants aren't an issue.

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