Does anyone have 'Pink Champagne'?

lindarenee(a5 Ohio)June 27, 2009

I bought 3 peonies called "pink champagne" from Wild last fall. I planted them in a temporary spot and moved them to a new flower bed this spring. I can't remember what these peonies are supposed to look like or be like-- except I'm sure they will be pink! I'm concerned they will be undesirable because I can't find any pictures or information on them. (except from APS stating breeders names, date and type.) They are listed as lactiflora. I thought I ordered a Japanese type but I guess not!

Does anyone grow these? Early, mid, late, fragrant?

Pretty, I hope? Thanks! Linda Renee

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I think you have the name wrong. Here is a link to Carsten's site. No Pink Champagne but a different spelling. Always check his site when looking for a peony. He may not have all of the peonies listed in the world but has a large part of them.

Here is a link that might be useful: posible information

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lindarenee(a5 Ohio)

Thanks maifleur! That's got to be the right peony because it was bred by Wild for Nicholls. There's no picture but it gives me a description. I think I'll leave the peonies where I planted them as they should work. I'm hoping they will be pretty. There's a reason that they aren't popular!
On the APS registration site the spelling is
Pink Champagne. On the site you linked me to it's described as: Paeonia 'Pink Champaign' /'Pink Champagne'

Thanks for your effort! Blessings, Linda

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I will have to twit Reiner to see what the correct spelling is. I believe that it is differing language for the same word rather than a misspell by anyone.

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lindarenee(a5 Ohio)

That would be interesting to know. Linda

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I noticed on the APS page there were two dates for registration. When this happens there was a change in registration in this case the name for some reason. Carsten's site shows the earlier registration but not the later one.

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lindarenee(a5 Ohio)

Hmm, there is a 12 year span between the two registration dates. By the way, thank you for telling me about Carsten's site.
Blessings, Linda

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APS is in process of reviewing the registations so there may be more changes. I have not contacted anyone to ask if a change is made to a name or description that the original information be retained with an notation why the change was made.

Carsten will be giving a lecture for the Midwest Peony Society out of Louisville along with another talk September 26,here in KC. Sorry I do not receive the information from the Midwest group so I do not have the date but it would be closer for you. Last time he was in this country he had slides of peonies that are not on his website. Some in their natural habitat. You can tell a lot about what conditions a plant likes by noticing where it naturalizes.

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lindarenee(a5 Ohio)

Maifleur, I am finding this all so interesting. A week ago I didn't know who Carsten was or that there were so many lovely
varieties of peonies. I've only been exposed to the most common cultivars. I'm finding myself wishing to know more!
I'll have to investigate the peony forum for more knowledge.
Once again, thanks for sharing.

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