Repotting Areca

rikyrik(SE UK 8)April 30, 2013

Hi I have a pair if Areca and was thinking about repotting, the pots they came in have no drainage holes but about 50% spare soil below the root ball (cube), ive had them probably a year, so I was wondering should I pot up a few inches more than the rootball? Should I keep the rootball in its original soil or cafully remove all soil and replace with a fast draining type? Any other tips would helpfull
Ps sorry for the sideways pic dunno why my phone does that

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if the root ball is a solid cube with almost no soil left, then potting up sounds like a good idea... I would NOT remove the remaining soil from the rootball. Palms do not like their roots disturbed. Best to just plop it in a larger pot and surround it with potting soil. But if rootball is not a solid cube, you do not have to pot it up... drainage would be nice, though.

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rikyrik(SE UK 8)

Thanks, with infinity better drainage i will be able to flush the roots, should I water to wet the soil then after afew minutes poor about a pint of water through at a time leaving a few minutes between to drain then fertilize on the next water time? Or would there be a more specific method?

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