Speaking of growth rate...

trishmick(z7NJ)April 25, 2010

Here is a pic of that coco I planted Christmas Day of '07 down in Cape Coral Fl for my mother-in-law. Temp. that day was about 85. There was a grapefruit tree around this spot at one time, but it was uprooted during a hurricane. As stated in previous thread, it's maybe 1 to 2 feet taller than the day it went in the ground. And we are not talkin' the Arctic here...there are coconut trees all over the area. And as she says, everything you plant down there just takes off.

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Thats pretty slow growth! Even my potted coconut here in a zone 7 grows faster than that. I think there must be a nutrition problem because the coconut palms are huge in that area so its not the climate thats the problem. i would definitely give it some plant food, something high in nitrogen, but not much higher than the other numbers.

Good luck!

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