slater problem in worm farm

riveraquarian(South Coast NSW)July 2, 2005

I have a slater invasion in my bathtub worm farm.

Any ideas to eradicate them. Ducks love them but I think the slaters who have quick little legs would get away and colonise in other areas of my garden. Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated

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gardenlen(s/e qld aust)

i myself have never had slaters cause any discernable damage in my system, if they are in your worm farm this would indicate the same, they, like lots of other things live on decomposing organic matter so they will be doing their bit in converting your organic material.

you may need to seek out a vermicompost group/thread to get more ideas if they are needed.


mail len

lens garden page

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kjggames(z9/10, sunset16)

Hey there,

I had to look up what a slater was. Pill bug, sow bug, rolly polly, etc. I wouldn't worry too much about them. If anything, they are helping to break down the compostable materials in your bin. You can get rid of them the same way you get rid of earwigs: put out some damp newspaper at night, then in the morning, throw it away. The sow bugs will nest in the newspaper.

Have a good day,

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Slaters! Thats a new one on me too ;o) Slaters are good guys or bad guys depending on the situation. Good when in the compost pile as they break down the organics for your use, bad guys when they munch on your plant roots.
If they are interfering with the worms in some way I would be concerned otherwise they are helping you out. Don't fight nature but work with it to reach your desires. I would screen the compost if going into a seed bed to remove the ... slaters. You Auzzies ;o) The removed bugs would be enjoyed by your chickens if you have 'em.
G'Day now from the American south :o)

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riveraquarian(South Coast NSW)

Thankyou everyone for your helpful replies. I really did appreciate them.

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The slaters will do no harm to your worms I have them in mine I just put a wet hessian bag on the top the slaters go all over it then I shake them into the chickens they love em.

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