When and how to split peonies

LMSmith4(z5 MI)June 13, 2005

My friend has a lot of huge peonies that she would like to share with others. She is uncertain as to when she should do this, and how. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


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The best time is in the fall according to most Peony experts.

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ChiGardener(z5 Chicago)

Use a sharp knife sterilized with heat or alcohol. Dig up the roots in fall and cut them making sure to have 3-5 eyes on each root. Eye is basically the pink nub. . .the same as a potato.

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shrubs_n_bulbs(z8/9 UK)

A big spade right through the middle :) Seriously, stick a spade through the middle and dig up one half. Chances of losing it are quite small, maybe get fancy if you have one you simply couldn't replace.

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Remember to let the cut dry before planting. If the soil is damp can wet newly cut peonies will provide a wonderful feast for bacteria and fungi.

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