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missinformationJuly 1, 2007

We're going to start a rain collection system this year, too, even though we're currently drowning here in north Texas. I haven't capped the vertical supports, so they used to fill with quite a bit of rain water. I drilled little holes so that they drain onto the garden, and I may rig something up so I can plug the holes and only release water as I need it.

Anyway, here it is:

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That's an interesting idea, and the uprights blend in well with the brick of your house too. I wonder if a shallow funnel shape at the top of each pipe would be decorative? It would increase the amount of water captured.

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I'm probably going to eventually just cap the tops with a coex end cap. If I put a line of gutter just along that one side to catch the water from that part of the roof and feed it into a barrel, it'll be enough to take care of all the gardens between rains. We have a big problem with mosquitos here, and I don't want to spend money on dunks. If it's all in a few barrels, I can just throw in some goldfish, put a screen over the top and call it done.

The gourds got too thick, so I pulled them off the vine to begin drying, and slipped the vine off by pulling the horizontal supports back through the vertical supports. 5-minute job! It's about a week from being covered with squash and cucumbers, and it already has Chinese red noodle beans hanging down all over it.

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You probably only need to put a screen over the top to keep mosquitoes from laying the eggs in it. Putting fish in and screening it off will probably just cause you dead fish and some nasty water to deal with in the future.

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