chicago_palmApril 18, 2011

Where is Spring. 40's all week and snow last night.

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I saw that,I shake my head every time I look at the weather
just north of me....yet another cold rain tomorrow here and later in the week.

With any luck by the weekend things start to warm up again,
hopefully to stay....luckily we have avoided the freezing weather,
I have to much out to even try and protect at this point!

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we got about 1/2 this morning. Sticking on grass but not on cement. I think mid-60s next week though

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palmcitrusbananavaz7(8a VB)

Haha! Wow! you guys are still getting snow? 80F all week!!

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I know right! All that snow has gotta suck! But we had about 62 tornados yesterday. Lost all of the foilage on my bananas. Guess you guys up north will have to wait awhile, meanwhile I already got a sunburn. lol

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Not just below average 'round here, but a sunburn is impossible because it's continually cloudy, overcast, whatever. I normally have many plants in the ground by now. Can't, however, because the soil is too damp. I gave up watching weather forecasts beyond a day or two because 1 day they will "predict" temps at or above 70 several days into the week, then the next, it may not get above the high 50's. Been a tough April after a very tough Winter. Hey...it happens...

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All we can do now is hope for a warm and long summer. It seems like everyday is going to be cloudy. You could definitely get sunburn in NYC this time of the year if your outdoors a lot, the only problem is that the sun is gone and it isn't coming back for a while. Originally they were predicting 80s here for tomorrow and now all we are getting are some average temperatures which means mid 60s. No warm-up expected anytime soon here.

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I got a little sunburned a week ago Sunday (the 10th) when it was sunny and 83. I've found the UV index has little to do with the temperate and more to do with the time of year and how clear the skies are. It's just been cold and wet since that one beautiful suuny day. Maybe 65 on Saturday but I won't get my hopes up. I heard the mid-west is supposed to be a cool crummy summer like two years ago.

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Good,if they are saying that there is a good chance it will be hot(-;
It just depends how far north the heat makes it-the far south is already summer like 0-:

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One of the reasons this Spring has seen a record number of severe tornado outbreaks, is that the South has been warmer than normal but cold air is still entrenched in the North. In the East, we've been spared record cold, Spring frosts, and snow, but the persistent easterly wind off chilly Atlantic waters, means it's plain RAW out and not fun for gardening. "Normal" weather seems a thing of the past.

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