What is wrong with peony?

ctlu008June 5, 2013

This is a Festiva Maxima we originally planted in another state and then moved a start to our current home. The original plant had the largest flowers of any of our peonies and I don't recall ever having an issue. We planted a start in a temporary spot about 8 years ago. It grew large and had the same large flowers. 3 years ago we moved it to the permanent spot. The first year after the move, it did not bloom. Both last year and this year it blooms but the flowers are not as large as before and most of the flowers have brown on the tips. I'll post 3 photos. One of a flower on the same plant that looks fine or at least almost perfect. It was the first flower to open. Notice brown on the unopened buds and brown on a flower. Most of the flowers and buds appear this way. The leaves show no sign of anything unusual.

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This flower appears as most do on the plant. Most buds have not opened yet but the buds have brown on the ends meaning the flowers will look similar to this one when opened.

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The larger unopened bud in this photo shows brown that will be on the tips of the flower once it opens. We have had a lot of rain this spring and did last year too; however, we have around a dozen other peonies and none have issues. The brown appears dry and brittle.

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Where are you? Do you think it may have been frost or freeze damage to the buds?

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Nancy zone 6

I remember one year mine did something similar after an EXTREMELY wet spring. I blamed it on the rain, they were normal the next year.

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Could it be botrytis? Maybe spray it with a fungicide next Spring as a preventative measure?

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