Using Plant Starter 3-10-3

linda888June 16, 2014


Should I use "Plant Starter 3-10-3 Root Stimulator" made by Bonide when planting my peony bushes (not tuber, actual bushes)?

Thanks for any advice :)


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Are you talking about tree peonies? Other peonies die back to the ground every year and are not real bushes.

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Sorry I meant that they are already plants, not just the little "root thingy". They are Karl Rosenfield, Sarah Bernhardt, and Festiva Maxima.

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I never use any chemicals on my soil. Feed your soil compost on a regular basis and that is all that is needed. Only containers, where they are separate from your soil, need synthetic plant food added. So many problems with our plants are caused by what we do to them. Al

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Thanks Al :)

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