Peony after Hurricane

onthebeach8578June 5, 2013

Hi all!
I have a peony that I planted about 6-7 years ago.It finally bloomed last year, 3 beautiful light pink blooms and then we had Sandy in the fall. The flood water destroyed most of my flowers and I thought my peony was dead. I dug up all the dead plants today, as well as the weeds and noticed that the peony still had some healthy tubers. I know you are not supposed to divide until after it blooms, but since it wasnt thriving at all, I cut out the rotted parts of the tubers and replanted close to the top of the flower bed. Soooooo, I am trying to save this but do you think i killed it and what do you think I can do to make it thrive again? Thanks for any input.

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Barring any more hurricanes it will probably survive. Good luck. Al

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