Pindo Palm dry new center fronds

mustangpammieApril 14, 2011

I have a three Pindo Palms, all are at least 15 years old (we moved here 5 yrs ago and they were big then), All have been doing great except for this year. One of them is shooting new fronds that are dry. We live in South Carolina but did have a cold wet winter and the Palm did get ice at one time. In all the years we have been here that palm always got the berries and the other 2 did not, last year it did not get them and one of the others did. Then at the end of the summer, in October it shot out some pods but they never opened. Does anyone know what is wrong with it, or how to help it?

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It's probably just a little whacked out from the last few cold winters.

There are so many variables to consider it's not worth going into them all and quite boring.


Sometimes stresses like cold,root damage,crown damage whatever,
can throw the palms seasonal cycle off,so some palms will actually
try to seed when the crown is dead and others will put
their stored carbs to work regrowing new leaves....
sometimes they will do both but out of their normal rhythm!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Mine has a dry spear opening a bit that looks a little brown on parts. It does not pull however. See my post to respond.

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