Pindos naturalized in Camp Blanding/Starke FL?

sgtksw05(9A)April 9, 2013

This is more about Camp Blanding than Starke FL but I included Starke as it is the closest town/city in the vicinity.

Anyway, I am on my Annual Training orders with the Florida National Guard at Camp Blanding for two weeks and Ive noticed something very strange. Palmettos and Saw Palms are everywhere of course but Butias/Pindos are the preferred palm of planting on this base. There must be hundreds of really old and mature specimens on this camp that were all obviously planted. The thing is as I travel "the back 40", far out in the woods, I see many Pindos that are out there just growing on their own and "pupping" and just as obviously not planted there.

It appears to me that the Pindos have a gained a solid foothold here on Camp Blanding and are spreading without human support.

Anyone else care to weigh in with additional information or .02?

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The Pindo fruit is a very tasty morsel. The animals love it. Most likely over time the birds, squirrels, rats ate them and distributed them all over the base from the ones that had been planted. Over the years you can see little pindo pups that are growing now in the saw palmetto forest behind our property.

Here is a photo of one of our Butia fields.

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This is what I am encountering as I walk through the woods.

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There are some really big mature specimens out there that I come across accidentally but these are the ones that I stepped out my back door & into the woods to find 50 ft into the wood line.

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Whats the going rate for pindos of these sizes Eric?

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Well, went for another walk today in a different section of woods near my barracks and came across about 30 or so pindos in a sunny area of the woods ranging from sprout to juvenile to mature specimen with trunks. I began this post with a question about them being naturalized here but now i know for a fact that they have a solid foothold here and dont need anymore convincing. Please feel free to support or refute my brief insight and report on this issue.

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Methinks you are correct. Plant enough of anything in a welcoming environment and it will naturalize.

Perhaps my descendants will encounter the descendants of my Needles Palms in the park down the street.

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Sure I'll weigh in... there are several Pindo nurserys within a decent proximity of Stark. Take 301 from Starke 10 miles north to I10 Balwin, MacClenny huge Pindo nursery, just west towards Lake CIty another large Pindo nursery. Maybe the birds got a little carried away? lol

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Sell'em! Great biz model- no overhead except for some burlap and rope. In the very least, grab the seeds.

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They are pretty cheap around here. You can get a 10 footer for under $250.00. I have 35 of them and give the seed away all the time.

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I know about the Pindo nursery on 301 around Baldwin and McClenny as I go there to collect the pindo dates/fruits as well as here at Camp Blanding. I didnt know about a nursery around Lake City, where is that one exactly?

Eric, I can remember buying two very small juveniles out of the ground in Birmingham AL and each cost me $225. There was just enough room in my trunk and backseat to fit both of them.

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sgtksw05 I think it's called Agri Pindo Nursery.

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