Project ID Peonies off to a Poor Start...

lizbest1(5)June 2, 2013

Ok, I thought I was organized and this would be easy but am stumped by the first one...this peony opened either yesterday or today. The only others open is Claire de Lune and one of the trees, both Very Early's. I went through every peony name I was able to determine that I've bought and the description doesn't match on any of them. The plant is appx 30" tall and a bit wider. Single buds on long stems, not a single side bud on any stem. Anyone have any ideas?

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Can it be Saunder's "Firelight"?

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The flares don't look right to me, firelight should be a dark pink flare. Descriptions also say firelight flops, this stands very straight, even after heavy rain. I don't have Firelight listed in any of the receipts I have, either.
I'm wondering if this one might have been mis-labeled from a bareroot purchase. I might contact the main companies I've bought peonies from to see if any of them recognize the bud, anyway--it looks pretty distinctive to me, hopefully someone will know. Otherwise, it'll be noid #1!

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