my cut peonies do not last for long in the vase..

Kerstin_Linnea(Z5, chicago)June 9, 2005

Hi all,

next storm is on it's way and I want to go out and cut them before. However, they wilt so fast once in the vase, we have had a week of 90 degrees and maybe that shortens their life too? It is really balmy inside..

Any tips?


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jayco(5b NY)

Yes, the heat most definitely shortens the bloom's longevity, inside and out. It's a shame; it's been very warm here in NY as well, and my peonies all bloomed and flopped and wilted in a very short time. I think the best thing you can do is to cut them before they're all the way open, if you can anticipate the heat +/or rain.

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PHILinShelton(Shelton, WA)

Yes, you can cut them as the buds start to open, put them in a floral solution, and refrigerate them. They will last a couple of weeks refregerated, and take a day to a week to open at room temp (depending on temps, peony variety, and stage of cut bud). You can also refrigerate over night once they are open to prolong vase life. Frost free friges, however, do tend to dry them I have noticed

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Jim_Andrews(z5 VT)

Cut them in the early morning while it's still cool. Take a bucket of tepid water to plunge them into as soon as you cut them. Allow them to drink and hydrate for a couple hours and then recut and arrange them. Remove any foliage that would fall below the water line. Replenish/replace the water and recut the stems every day - they're big drinkers in a vase.

Regular fridges are not a good idea as most of them are designed to remove moisture from the circulating air which causes damage to the petal edges. Better to not bother unless you have a regular floral fridge with a humidifier installed.


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I came home from vacation and have missed almost all my peonies - they only lasted 1 or 2 weeks total. So picked a bouquet of what was left and decided to try searing the end of the stem like you do for dahlias with a match. Can't say if it will hold them longer but the flowers didn't lose any petals and they look beautiful.

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Changing the water everyday can help to extend the life of your cut peonies in the vase. For beautiful fresh cut peonies overnight shipped to all parts of the USA in June please see

Here is a link that might be useful: Peony

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always remember to cut flower stems on an angle not just straight across. I learned this years ago from a florist who came on a career day back when I was in high school. the reason is that rhe flowers will take in water easier if the stems are cut on an angle.

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