My friend the king snake

helenh(z6 SW MO)June 6, 2012

I am not afraid of small snakes so this was interesting and exciting to me.

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Cool. I once saw a king snake in that position but it was a copperhead disappearing down its throat. I saw a small scarlet king snake here a month ago, but it isn't big enough to take on our 3 ft garter snake. I wouldn't feel too badly if a king snake took out that garter snake; I'm tired of it eating the leopard frogs.

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Ewwwww. What kind of snake is he eating?


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That's a garter snake he's eating.


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That's a garter snake? I always picture them as little things. They must get bigger than I think or I don't have a great sense of the size :)


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7


Garter snakes can get surprisingly long---I'd guess some of them might reach 4' or slightly longer.

I'll go and find the OK Snake website and link it below. It has images and descriptions of snakes known to be found somewhere in OK. If you click on the photo or name of snake, it will pull up the description, including length, for you.


Here is a link that might be useful: OK Snakes

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The garter snake in my garden has grown from 18" to 3 ft over the last 3 summers...eating leopard frogs and toads. He didn't show himself once while we had 5 boys on the place with instructions to catch it if they saw it.

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Helen, how long is that king snake?

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helenh(z6 SW MO)

That is rotten railroad tie in the above picture that they were under. I only saw the writhing garter snake's tail before I turned over the tie. I have rotten ties because I can't lift the sound ones. I am thinking of removing them from my yard because last time it was baby rats inside a different rotten tie. I am not good at estimating but maybe 3 feet. They weren't large snakes. I am hoping it will eat the small copperheads before they grow up.

I think this is the same guy in March. You can compare his girth to the soaker hose which is what I thought he was before he moved.

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Fantastic picture! Very neat! It's a Speckled Kingsnake eating a Western Ribbon Snake. The Ribbon Snake is in the same family as the Garter Snake and looks very similar. The two kinds of snakes are difficult to tell apart but the orange middorsal stripe on this one and the particular patterning between the stripes indicate Ribbon Snake.

Great picture and now we know why they are the "king" snakes :-).

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