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larrm(6b)April 24, 2011

Hi and Happy Easter

I have quite a few different varities of palm seedlings 6-10 inches tall with 2-3 leaves. These palms are in 4" pots at present, my question is, when transplanting should they first go to a bit larger pot or immediately go to a 1 gallon or larger. I have 3 bismarks (germinated) I have planted in very large pots (in which they will stay) to minimize root disturbance. I have about 15 christmas palm seedlings and have transplanted 4 seedlings from 4" pots into 2 gallon containers (2 per container)with no ill effects. These palms will be container grown and moved outside during the hot humid summers we experience in Southern Ontario.

Would transplanting to larger pots immediately instead of gradually introducing slightly larger containers stunt the growth.

Thanks Larry

Tropical Southern Ontario Canada (not really)

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I don't think a 1 gallon pot is too big. I wouldn't repot unless they are already showing signs of being rootbound.

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I have the same question and another, why are my medjool palms curlling on its first growth leaf?

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