Purchasing Heirloom Peonies

aept(Chicago, IL)June 3, 2005

Does anyone out there have a recommended source for purchasing heirloom peonies? I'm refurbishing the garden of an 1874 Victorian home and would like to do the project justice with authentic plantings. And as you ALL know...no garden of any era is complete without an abundance of peonies!

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.

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Check peonygarden.com which has a huge selection of peonies and most include the dates of origin, so you could select appropriate types.

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This link is an alphabetical list of peonies & gives the date they were hybridized:


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For many of the real old French types you probably will need to order from Canada. You can find the common types in the states but the really old ones seem to be more available up north.

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