Rosebellinii Palm Over watered

wazzy8(4)April 12, 2010

A friend of mine recently gave me a Rosebellinii Palm it is about 4 foot tall and has 3 stalks to it. It is in it's original pot as it was just purchased. However she had over watered it. I would say it was about 2 days being pretty wet. I have now gotten the soil to a drier state. All of the green palms have dried up and are "crunchy" Is there any Hope of me saving this Palm?? If so How? Should I remove the dead palms? Transplant it? I live in MN so it is a "indoor" plant here Thanks for your Help with this

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I wouldnt let it get too dry, but they should not need more than a good soaking once a week indoors. Try to keep it alive while indoors and if it is still green once summer comes, you should take it outside where (if given daily water when hot outside), it should hopefully recover.

Good luck!

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should I cut all the dead leaves off? also I live in a south facing apartment with the deck also facing south so it will get full sun all day into the evening - I just don't want to cook it.

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