Oh No! Mexican Fan Palm

showrfresh(z7 MS)April 30, 2010

We had a colder than normal winter here in central Mississippi, and I think a few factors may have led to the death of my beautiful Mexican Fan Palm. I really hope that I can save it somehow.

By late winter all of the fronds had turned brown, but really, this isn't abnormal. Up until this year, it had done that each year. But each year I would wait until it started to put out new growth, then I would trim off the brown fronds.

Well, this year we went out of town for the weekend on February 20th, and my mom 'helped out' and did some work in my garden. She trimmed off all of the fronds waaaay before it was putting out new growth.

I don't know whether the early trimming led to the palm not putting out new growth, or if it was just the cold winter in general that has stunted its growth. Is there anything I can do to coax it to put out new growth? There are some signs of life (green) on what is left of the fronds. Also, one of the other palms (about 3-feet) that she trimmed is putting out new growth, too. This one is about 8-feet tall.

Any ideas? There are some additional photos on my blog here: A Shower Fresh Garden

Here is a link that might be useful: Blog

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Is there any green left in the spear area?

Where is the spear for that matter?

If there is,there is a chance it will come back,climb up
there and give it a dug-if it comes out treat with peroxide or copper based fungicide.

I would think you would see movement by now,if you haven't try cutting down on the trunk about 5"
from the top(at an angle)to see if the spear is healthy.

Good luck-let us know what you find!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

It sounds like it will send out a spear? Did mom trim off the spear? She meant well and forgive her. I see green in the photo and suspect it will come back this time.

The biggest concern for the palm is that you are ignoring warning signs to COVER the bud and fronds during the jan/feb winter blasts. The fact it dies back so much communicates -cover me I am too cold.

Eventually she will poop out from trying to regrow every single year and needs a break. Treat her to two winters covered and let her build up some strength. Just the fact she survives shows you are on the border of a zone where she can make it with some understanding and help.

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I do see some green, so maybe a new spear will come out. Definitely protect it this winter (unless its very mild) so it builds up some strength (if its still alive). Give it a month to recover (and some copper fungicide will help). If it doesnt start to grow at all by then, then cut it down just a few inches to see if any growth is left and if it looks healthy, leave it (but keep it dry). It should grow if healthy inside, but it will probably not look good this summer.

Good luck!

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That looks more like a W.filifera to me(-:

California fan palm

Hope it comes back for you.

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