I have sprouts :)

Bill_Missy(8b)January 21, 2013

Hello all...

I am excited, just got home from work and checked on my girls. I have 4 sprouts. I planted them in soil mix on 12 Jan. I really did nothing special. Placed soil in a 3" pot, buried the seeds about a 1/4 inch or so (maybe more) only watered three times. Kept cling rap on top and placed on a Back Pain type heating mat (I know, I just ordered two heating mats with a thermometer last night :) ) The room temp stayed at 68 deg, the heating mat process sucked has it had a two hour timer. The soil ranged from 68-86. Up and down. (Wife did not want to turn mat on while I was at work).

Anyway, I am happy as a kid in a candy store. I have 2 Bhut Jolokia, 1 Pumpkin Hab and 1 Moruga Trinidad Scorpion. Did I say I am happy and HOOKED...

Two questions from this rookie.
1. I know they go to light now and no heat mat, but should I go straight to light or leave on heat another day or two? I have a shop light with 2 T-12 bulbs.
2. The one Ghost that sprouted happened to be the one I put 2 seeds in and they BOTH sprouted. I know to pull the "weak" one, but when?

I will post picture after I drink a beer or three.


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Nice! First sprouts of the season are always exciting!

You want light ASAP. A few extra days with heat won't really matter much, but light will. Both is fine as well, but, the heat isn't necessary.

I would Wait until they have a few sets of leaves and there is one that is clearly outperforming the other. Or, if your other one doesn't sprout, you can separate the two you have if you do it soon before their roots get all tangled together.

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Thank you Tsheets.

I just put them under the T-12 lights. I have read that palnts need 16-18 hours of light. Is this true for young sprouts? How many hours of light should they get until they set leaves?


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Lucky dog.
My seed cups went in to my homemade germination chamber (cardboard box + string lights) a couple weeks ago and still no sprouts.

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esox07 (4b)

I would keep the heat for a few more days at least. Many keep the heat on for much longer after they sprout. The theory is that it aids in root development. But you should give them light soon after sprouting...a couple days won't matter but soon. Your T12 lights should work fine, put it right above the seedlings so the lights are with in an inch but not touching the plants. I suggest 6500K spectrum bulbs as well. They provide the spectrum of light most usable by plants. Some mix in a 5000k bulb as well to provide a bit more range. I usually go with 16-18 hours of light per day as well. Now that they are sprouting and you remove the cling wrap you will likely find that they the soil will dry out quicker if you are still using heat. Keep an eye on them but don't over water either.
Good job and good luck. Post a picture when you have time.

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Thanks Guys. Great info as always. I came home from work today and had another Morgua sprout. I placed the sprouts from yesterday and the one from today right to light with no heat mat. I am watering very lightly with warm tap water. The ones from yesterday that spent the last 18 hours under light look good to me, but I dont know as this is my first ever time growing super hots.

Attached are a few pictures taken an hour ago with the light off. I potted these in MG Seed Starting Potting Mix. I know it is to early to Fert, but when and with what should I feed with?

My next batch of seeds to sow I will be trying MG Orchid mix for some and MG Hyponex for the others. I will be doing this, this weekend once I get my heating mats and thermostat.

I am reading up on the 5-1-1 mix as that is what I am wanting to do as I am doing containers and ground planting.

1st Pic is the Morgua

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Bhut Jolokia. I put 2 seeds in the same hole as I did not believe they would sprout because of the vendor... But they did to my surprise

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Pumpkin Hab

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esox07 (4b)

RE: Ghost seedlings from unreliable vendor.
Getting them to germinate is only half the battle. Then you have to wait to see if they are indeed Ghost Peppers or just a bell pepper or other common variety. I have some grow out common weeds for a month or more before realizing they were duped. However, just hope for the best and be prepared for something less than a Bhut.
Good luck and the seedlings are looking good so far.

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earthworm73(WA z8)

Congrats Bill. I have some jalapeno seeds that germinated the other day and mine are about the size of your right now too. Oh and they were germinated in 5-1-1 mix. The coarseness of the mix seems to help get rid of the seed cap. I am expecting a shipment of super hots from a fellow GW member any day now and I will germ them in 5-1-1 mix. See you at the finish line.

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My jalapenos sprouted within 3 days of me planting them. All 9 of them germinated. It has been about 4 days now & so far all of them are going strong. My Bolivian rainbow, however, time will tell on that one.

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