My first Watermelon!

tracydr(9b)June 13, 2011

My Desert King watermelon is having twins! I'm so excited! They are about the size of two marbles. How long will it take? Anything special I need to do at this point to make sure we have luscious, yummy watermelons? I've never raised watermelons before and I'm very excited about it. That and my corn, which I think is going to be about 12 feet tall at the rate it's growing!

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Congratulations! I can't wait for my first real "fruit" of some sort.


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Hi Tracy,

Congratulations on your first melons. Desert King usually produces watermelons fairly quickly, though not as quickly as smaller, refrigerator-type melons, so I think you'll be harvesting those melons sometime in late July. (Maybe sooner, depending on your weather and how much you irrigate.)

Desert King has a DTM of about 85 days, but I think they've been a little earlier than that here in the years I've grown them.

Keep us posted on their progress, and remember that as more melons form (if they form) on the same vine, the plants' energy will be going into ripening all of them and that might slow down the first couple a bit. Some people remove the later melons, but I leave them all on the vine since our growing season is long and they'll have plenty of time to mature. If you're trying to grow for size instead of quantity, you might want to remove all but those first two melons if you see more flowers and fruit.

What kind of corn are you growing? We just harvested the early corn but still have mid-season and late corn growing.


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