germinating coconut. (confirming what I know)

mushibu10(zone 8 (UK))April 5, 2014


so the coconut below I got for 80p at Sainsburys. it's an Indian coconut. I did the check of most water and no obvious cracks. the eyes also look healthy!


what can I use as a fungicide?
I have read that a thimble of bleach to 10ltrs of water.

I know it's very dry as colour isn't very deep. so I will be soaking it for 1-2weeka in warm water (25-30�c)

then i will be putting it into pot (to steady it) with sand to sit on. and wait till it sprouts. and then wait for it to grow a longer root. when root gets longer I'll wrap it in damp spagnom moss. then I'll be planting it in seeding soil and sand (I know it doesn't need feet for first year it uses the nut) as its very fine and low in nutrients.

I am aware this can take from a month to 8months to germinate.

is there anything else you can advise on?

forgot to say I have germinated several before with 8 out of ten sprouting with in 3 months but soon as its root come through it is thwn attacked by a fungus.

(water is boiled tap water)

it is middle spring in Wiltshire UK

thabk you


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I have been sprouting store bought coconuts for about 7 months now. out of 10, I got 4 strong survivors. The best were nuts I bought from a local market. I live in a sub-tropical climate, so coconut trees are fairly common here and I know that most of the coconuts in stores here come from Mexico. that being said, the coconuts I sprouted came from de-husked commercial nuts. I soaked them for 2-4 days in a tub of warm water placed near my water heater (when I started it was our "winter" and nights got to about 40 degrees F or maybe a tad lower). I used a rock to keep them submerged. I then placed them into a ziplock back with a couple tablespoons of purified water. it took 4 months (give or take) for them to sprout roots. they are now nearly 7 months old and are growing verrrrry slowly. I still have them near my water heater but the weather will warm up signifigantly soon and when that happens I will move them to a safe, warm place outside out of direct sunlight. a few weeks ago, I mixed some seaweed/kelp fertilizer very diluted into a mister and sprayed them. They seem to have liked it. As for keeping fungus at bay, I mix a tiny bit of hydrogen peroxide with water into a mister bottle and give them a quick mist with that. I'm not sure how well/not well this will work but have read that it is how some people prevent fungus on seedlings. I got most of my advise regarding germinating store bought coconuts from a detailed video on youtube by TheKiwiGrower. I hope your coconuts do well, and good luck!

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