Alabama Peonies

alabama_jan(Zn8AL)June 6, 2005

Has anyone in the Tuscaloosa, Alabama area had any luck with peonies? They are supposed to grow from zone 3 to 8 but I have my doubts. Had them in North Carolilna and miss them so much. Afraid that it gets too hot for them here.

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Dieter2NC(z7b NC)

I am on the edge of zones 7-8 and grow the early bloomers like Festiva Maxima with success. I planted them high and they are doing well. It would be unwise to try anything but the earliest bloomers, speaking from experience! :(

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alex_z7(7 AL)

I'm an hour from you and love my Sarah Bernhardt peonies. This year we had too much rain, they beat the stuffing out of the blooms, but they were shockingly HUGE blooms. They just get bigger every year.

That's been my only peony experience.

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Dieter2NC(z7b NC)

I was too lazy to go out and check the names of three others that bloom well for me, but I did so today, they are Bowl of Beauty, Sorbet and Mrs. Jueselie

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I just bought a Sarah Bernhardt today (alrady potted and cut back). It is from last year. I am in Madison. When will it bloom? Will it bloom this year? It looks so scraggley I felt sorry for it all woody spikes poking out of the pot.

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