Bear troubles

mountainman_bc(5)October 8, 2006

Hello, I was hoping somebody may have a 'non-conventional' idea for me. I have a black bear killing my chickens and turkeys, a couple a night. He's taken over 30 now.

Any ideas on what to do? The conservation people have said they will shoot it, as you can't retrain a bear that has eaten livestock. This one has already been caught and relocated once- he has had his chance and sadly didn't conform.

I have tried fireworks, my dogs, actual chasing on foot and in my truck. It's not working and he is coming right up to my place, sniffing around. Brazen!!

Anyone else have ideas on how to keep this from happenning again? I have electric fencing, regular fencing, and he has gone over everything!

I love bears and all animals, I know all about how bears work, but I'm hoping someone has found something non-convetional that worked. As mentioned, conventional is relocating, then shooting if that fails.....


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pablo_nh(z4/5 NH)

Bears seem to do a mental calculation with the danger on one side and the calories on the other. As they get habituated they seem to put up with more danger/contact. That this bear has already been relocated tells me that it's very willing to put up with harassment, and it's got a LOT of yummy calories at your place.

Retraining an animal that ignores deterrents fails for a number of reason- first of which seems to be that it just gets the animals more used to being around people. Sorry to say it- but not only will that bear raid your coops- it can quickly become a serious danger.

Hopefully someone here will have something very non-conventional, as I'd hate to see the bear be put down as well.

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