SAD it a goner?

lilgreenfrogJuly 9, 2007

Hi - I inherited a peony that came with our house, and know little about their care. I divided and transplanted it last spring (it was in full shade). One piece was quite happy this spring, and the other was small but leafing. Then we had our backyard put in, and the workers were told specifically to leave the peonies alone. Instead, they plowed one (the BLOOMING one) under, and pulled the other out and left it sitting in the sun all day. I replanted it, but it hasn't recovered; its leaves have died (like after I transplanted it), but the rhizome still feels firm. I've been watering much water does it want? Can I do anything for it?



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How awful that the workmen plowed one under and pulled the other one out (and left it in the sun, no less).

I'm no expert, but I'd say don't water too much. It's really a waiting game now...until next spring! Did the root have some "red eyes" when you replanted it? That would be a good sign.

Good luck! Peonies are always worth the wait!

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flowerluvr(Z5 IN)

Wow...jerks! The peonies will probably be okay, they're tougher than they get credit for IMO. I agree with Judye, I wouldn't go crazy watering it. The main thing would be to give it a good, deep watering to make sure you rinse soil in around the roots. A deep watering once a week for a few weeks would probably be fine, if it doesn't rain and the soil is dry. I'm not a faithful waterer, and I don't think I've ever killed a peony.
Odds are they'll be back next spring, but I don't think those workers would be, lol! Sorry that happened to ya :(

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