I really hate to ask, but...

ottawapepperJanuary 31, 2014

Over the years I have shared or traded Trinidad Scorpion FG seeds.

I now find myself without any viable seeds. My saved seeds from a previous grow did not grow true last year (none of the bad seed was distributed!) and my original true seeds did not germinate this year.

Does anyone out there have a few Trinidad scorpion "FG" seeds to spare? If so, Id be happy to trade or graciously accept some with a SASBE.

Thanks folks,


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If you do not mind, what is a Trinidad Scorpion FG? I am new to this all.

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you have mail.

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FG was the first Yellow Scorpion,that I know of.

Back then A grower here grew some Scorpions out and they grew Yellow WITH LONG thin tails.
The guy spread a TON of them around (SASBE)to see if they grew true,THEY DID.
I remember the crap people dished out to him saying there was NO SUCH THING as a yellow Scorpion...

Things sure have changed,now most supers are crosses that aren't stable and nobody cares.
They pay stupid high prices for them too...

ANYTHING that looks different that SEEMS to grow the same or close is declared a new strain these days.

FG was given to the name because FG was the guys source of the seeds.

I think it was around 7-10 yrs ago.

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Thank you.

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LMAO.. once I saw Bill reaching out for some seeds, I somehow knew smoke wasn't far behind. The generous sharing with the generous.



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Im personally sending some to 2 other members if you Email me your address Ill fill a 3rd envelope . Good pepper not a super hot but I use it more then any other pepper

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To add to your post,the seeds I have ARE from Otawapepper.

I had a very bad couple seasons and got seeds from Otawapepper.
I didn't want to loose the original FG pepper.
Otawapepper helped me out.

I looked tonight and have a few seeds left.
I'll send them out knowing I'll get replacement seeds after harvest.
I guess I'm money in the bank for him.
Comes around goes around. :)

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I don't think you have the original FG.

Pod doesn't look like an FG.
Not like the seeds I grew from the original source.
Pods were more skinny.long with VERY long THIN tails.
Tails were very thin and almost as long as the pod.

Pod variations aren't the norm as far as what I've grown over the years for the FG.

But your pod might be what FG has evolved into.
I don't know.
Otawapeppers pod pics looked like my plants pods so I assumed he had the same as I did.
I only grew them from my seeds from the original source until I grew seeds from Otawapepper.
They weren't grown out for 8 seasons at the time.
Maybe yours are FG that have a different tail.
By thin tails I mean THIN AND LONG.
Thinner than the stem of the pod.
Wish I had pics...
A very distinctive pepper.

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My most productive pepper. I have over 8lbs of powder and many jars in vinegar . I recommend this pepper. It has great flavor and will not put a bad hurtin on you. I use it every day mixed in mustard or just dust my food. I still have more seed then I could ever use

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If you want to try mine got a good supply of seed Ive seen some smoother ones advertised . Mine are bumpy I wonder if they taste the same

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Hey Smoke, you da man!

pepperdave, thank you for your kind offer. I agree with Smokemaster, your pod might be what FG has evolved into. While I'm getting some original seeds from Smoke, I'd be happy to take you up on your offer. I'd like to grow your version for comparison. I'll send you an email.

My original FG seed came from fiedlermeister, the gentleman that originally spread them around in 2006/2007.

Here's a few shots that illustrate the stinger Smokemaster is referring to.

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Different then mine

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Smokemaster: That reminds me. I've been meaning to contact you regarding the seeds you sent me last year. I was able to isolate a few pods from the superhots. Mainly the Naga Morich and 7 pot. You want a few seeds?


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Thought I'd post an update on my call for help.

I'm really stoked to have three Trinidad Scorpion FGs growing from the original seed I received years ago from fiedlermeister - the guy who spread them around.

A big thanks to Smokemaster for boomeranging the seeds back to me! Smoke, baring a colossal disaster, I'll be restocking your seed bank with a good supply of isolated seeds this fall.

It was a nice 63F this afternoon. Here's a shot of one of the FGs out soaking up a little natural light.

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stoneys_fatali(9b Duarte,Ca.)

I'll have to try that one :-)


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That's a good looking plant. I would be interested in some seed if you have an abundance at the end of the season.
How does it compare to the original Scorpion?


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I should have a good supply of seeds to share.

Tim, technically the FG is not a true Scorpion. They have the Scorpion flavour (flavor) profile but only clock in at around 450 - 550K SHU.

The background, from my understanding is that fiedlermeister originally received seeds that were supposed to be regular red Scorpions. When he grew them out he was surprised with the result. He spread the received and saved seed around to see if others got the same resulting pepper. Turned out everyone did. His source, FG (person's initials), sent seeds save from a regular red T Scorpion he grew. Obviously, there was a cross.

What makes this variety special to me (beside its uniform stinger pod characteristic) is that against all odds this cross proved to be stable from F1. That has to be a 1 in quadrillion cubed chance ;-)

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Beautiful seedling, Bill!


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To my knowledge the FG was the first Yellow Scorpion.

My tails were a LOT longer but pod shape was the same.
Kinda late but I sent you seeds (I think from mite ridden plants - from original stock)and from you.

IF any of my growout seeds grow different tails it would be interesting to see.

Original post asking about what we grew=


Googled the FG.
Was hoping to find my pic...
Tail was usuallt thin and 3/4 as long as the pod.

They didn't look like this...Guy looks like toast... LOL

My pods didn't look like John's-


IF the second pod had a longer thin tail on it,it would be like what I grew.

Here is a link that might be useful: under images of the FG scorpion.

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Thanks Josh, as Smoke pointed out they were started a bit late for my zone. That and the fact that these things a loooong season plants means I'll probably be finishing them off inside under HID lights this fall.

Smoke, thanks for digging up the old post and John's shot. I didn't grow my seeds out until the 2nd year after I got them. I did get random pods that looked like John's shot and others with 1/3 length tails but for the most part my subsequent grows have been consistent in shape and 1/6 to 1/4 length stinger.

I guess the originals weren't as stable as i thought. Obviously at this point I have no way of telling if the seeds that germinated were your saved ones or the original. I started 8 of the most viable looking seeds and got 3 sprouts. It will be interesting to see the results.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Bill, you always deliver....even if late in the season. We all look forward to those beautiful plates of fire :-)


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Actually,I see it more as a historical type thing.

I don't know if it was a cross.
I doubt it was after so many people grew it out as yellow.
Pod variation might mean little-wouldn;t they also be colored different?

Back then Dorset Naga,Naga Morich,Bhut Jolokia,Naga Jolokia were rare,The IC Bhut strain was a rumor of a super duper hot.

Back then,it was debated if Scorpions and 7 Pots were the same pepper,just different versions...
Anything but a red Scorpion was a cross...

Then Douglah's showed up - most were and still are crosses that if left on the plant will turn red.
Back then Douglah was a ripe brown pod.
If it turned red it wasn't a Douglah.

Things were simple back then.........................

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Nice seedling there Bill!

I must be doing something wrong though. Some of you guys have these deep green leaves that are 4-6" long.... none of my chinense ever get like that.


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