help! peonies care question

azzzJuly 10, 2007

i have two peonies Sarah Bernhardt and Felix Crousse. This is the their second year and they're really different. They still have not bloom yet but the problem is with their leaves. For all of this year from when they sprouted and now still their leaves are completely red colored. Is this because they are getting too much sun and are now sun burned or is it normal? The red is a burgundy like color. Right now they are in a location that gets 6+ hours of sun.

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Search this forum under "peony diseases". There was a good link a few months ago. I printed it out but can not find it at the moment. Al

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are you talking about this page - ?

I could not find anything about the conditions of my peonies. I dont think they're diseased because the leaves dont seem to die or dry up or anything it is just that they are always red.

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It may be that you do not actually have the cultivars that you thought you had. There are some varieties that develop what I call fall color, reds and bronzes. Could you post picture.

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