Where can I buy good quality palm fertilizer?

RaisingirlApril 13, 2014

Good morning!

I'm in Lake County, FL and in search of fertilizer for my palms, specifically Lesco 8-2-12. It seems like the Lesco brand is good quality and can also be used on other landscaping shrubs and bushes with no problems, which I liked. I'd like to keep my fertilizing straight forward if possible. :)

If not Lesco, what fertilizer do you recommend for palms?

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Ok,you can laugh,but I always like EB Stone's brand ferts. Premium prices...but whenever I've used it.. I see a flush of deep green come over my palms,tree ferns and Mango tree in a matter of days.The drawback is the expense.

The funny part is...it has bat guano. That's the only ingredient I see on the the label that I don't see on other brands.

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Haha! I'll look into that one. Thank you!

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Which EB Stone do you use?

Dr Earth is also good.

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Mostly the one for "Tropical's"...but some I bought for Tomatoes was down to just a handful..so I tossed under the young Mango tree..and,again that nice dark green flush came over the tree over the days.
I once was in the profession of plant growing,and mentioned that on a trade online journal. And some said,that they thought it was the type of iron used in the fertilizer. All I can say is,ten years later..I still see better results with EB Stone..and I know its a hoot to say bat guano..but whatever the exact reason,its good..but premium priced,stuff.

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