Palm tree carpenter ant infestation

rockstarwifeApril 9, 2010

When I started to trim & pull back the dead fronds on my 15' Foxtail Palm, it's infested with huge carpenter ants carrying little white things (eggs?). What do I do to save the tree and kill the ants? It appears that the entir tree is brown, but there may be some signs of life somewhere after pruning it back. Please hurry as I have relatives visitng soon!

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The only way I know of getting rid of carpenter ants is to destroy there nest. I would also power wash your palm with a hose and try to clean your palm of the ants.
And in the meantime keep your palm happy. Give it some palm fertilizer and water and let it grow as fast as possible so it recovers.
Good luck!

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Sounds like cold damage and the ants just moved into the dead part to live. You can spray with an insecticide and that will kill them. All the other non poison ways don't work very well in my opinion.

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stevea07(7 AL)

I recommend permethrin at one teaspoon to one gallon water. Soak the nest and the roots of the tree. It is harmless to palms but deadly to ants.

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