Edmond garden kitty!

c1nicolei(7)June 5, 2014

We have developed a stray cat population that is thriving on the woods near our property. I have managed, with the help of the Edmond Cat Coalition, to TNR (trap/ neuter/release) all that I have come across. Most are feral but one beautiful X-Tom has become VERY friendly, almost to a fatal flaw. Anytime I am gardening he tries to come into my yard to get attention and loved on He loves sitting in your lap! Back to the fatal flaw; my dogs recently viscously attacked him. I rushed kitty to the vet. The vet named him Champ because he was shocked he survived. Champ still tries to come into my yard and even my home knowing the canine danger that lurks within. If any of you are looking for a VERY sweet, neutered male cat that has had his rabies shot, PLEASE let me know. He seems to be fully litter trained as during his recovery time he used a litter box in the garage without accident. MY cat genius friend said he would make a great indoor cat. I am terrified he will end up being killed by my dogs. If anyone is looking for a talkative, sweet, affectionate house kitty, please let me know. I am not bothered by him in the least, I just couldn't stand him being attacked again!!!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I wish you luck in finding a home for the cat. I am in your situation with three large golden retrievers, and I live in the city.

I used to be in an aerobics class with a woman who lived in the country. She used to talk about all the people who would drive out to the country to dump dogs. She would try to clean them up, and sell them. She said people would more willingly pay $10.00 for an animal than to get one for free. (I am afraid that this does not apply to cats as much as dogs.) I wish you luck.


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