Sorbet never blooms right

borde(MT z 4)July 10, 2005


this about the thrid year that my Sorbet peony has bloomed sort of. It sets flower buds, and then they get about an inch fat, then sit there and eventually die. One year, I had one flower on this plant that did open, but it was distorted and unhealty looking, the rest of the buds never matured into full blown flowers. A certain amount of the flower buds, also just quit growing and turn hard and disappear. This plant receives a lot of sun, but is planted west of a lilac bush and so is blocked from the early morning sun. A peony to the east of the lilac blooms fine. Is this a problem of location and should I move this plant? If so when?


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amulet(7b NC)


There could be many reasons for the buds not to open. The Heartland Peony Society has a great site with FAQs. Check out the "Peony Buds Don't Open" section.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heartland Peony Society FAQs

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