mislabeled peonies

borde(MT z 4)July 4, 2005


I have my first blooming peonies, and that is a thrill, however they are wrong.

I planted a "Red charm" from Jung last fall and it is bloomming now, and is is palest pink double rather ordinary looking smaller flower. Sure did not expect this. However, the plant is vigorus, and did bloom fast.

Then about five years ago, I planted a bowl of beatuy from where I don't remember, and it bloomed too for the first time, and it is shaped like bowl of beauty, but is pure white.

Now I wonder if mislabeling is a common occurence. Any discussion on this subject?


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Often times, the nursery or garden centers buy from a centrally located supplier. Often happens that a load of a certain variety/color/size of plant gets mixed up, especially if the identifying tag gets lost.

Then, I think, they just maybe examine a leaf and decide "oh, that belongs over there".....and you get a white when you expected a red.

Same thing happened to me with a clematis. I was expecting an Earnest Markham (I love reds) and ended up with a purple....and I'm not sure of the variety...but...I wouldn't trade it for love of money....it blooms marvellously, covering a hawthorn tree practically from the base to the top branches. Begins in late June and doesn't stop blooming.....well, I've had snow fall on it.

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Red Charm is one of those plants that also react to soil types and conditions. Most of the Red Charms seen in my area are a nice red but not a deep red. At the APS convention two years ago there were several from the PNW very dark, very rich red. I doubt if it would fade to a pink but I am writing this to let others know that some plants have better color in certain areas than others and as some of us have found different weather conditions can cause a tonal change also.

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borde(MT z 4)

My thanks to both of you who have given me answers.

The people at Jung nursery are going to refund my money for the Red Charm, and I appreciate that. The Noid plant was nice and has finished blooming now. The difference in an ordinary, unnamed one and a premium named variety is primarily price, and about the ability to have faith in your supplier. I think that is important.

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ywilliam(z2/3 AK)

I found this terrific nursery on the web that sends "Monster" peony divisions when you order from them. Their motto is to "make an instant impact in your garden", rather than wait 2 or 3 years to see a bloom. They are Scott and Elizabeth Reath of Reath's Nursery at www.reathsnursery.com. The contact is 906.563.9777. In fact, Scott's father, David Reath, hybridized one of a few, the very rare" Lemon Chiffon" before he died in 1995, priced at $380. And, itÂs gorgeous! And theirs are true to its name guaranteed.

I swear to you, the roots are as if they sent the entire plant to you! There's 3 different sizes and prices to choose from for each peony named. I ordered a few peonies just this past Monday 10/24 via fax, and I received them today (this Wednesday evening 10/26) on my door step by UPS, because they cared about the snow coming in soon. Now that's service!! I promised them that because of the wonderful service I received that I would make every local master gardener aware of their website. They even ship through November until "their" ground freezes! How can you beat that!

I only wish I'd found them 4 years ago! Of course, we have snow by November but, you can always pot them up and put them in a cold place. I can assure you all that their services and divisions are certainly worth any money spent!!!!!! Please make all my sisters and brothers of gardening aware. Please check out the website guys!

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Sorry, but although Reath is very nice, I am too cheap to purchase their catalog. Even at three dollars. Joy Creek and some of the speciality places maybe.

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