areca palm yellowing

joesoflApril 3, 2010

Hi, I am new to this and am having problems with some areca palms. They are in cement pots outside in southern florida full sun and have slowly become more and more yellow in the fronds and the stalks. They are watered and fronds misted twice a week and I have used a palm fertilizer and and even tried an application of liquid chelated palm nnutritional (Mn,Mg,Fe) a couple months ago but nothing has really helped. there are also a number of fronds with brown tips that need to be trimmed. I do have some new growth that looks a little greener than the other fronds but the stalks are still very yellow. Not sure if they are not getting enough water or if they were not fertilized enough, etc. Any help would be appreciated. Joe

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That is common in those palms... the areca,(especially a juvenile) generally can get sunburn from intense direct light. If you have an option of location to place it, then find a place with strong inderct light.
Good Luck!

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thanks for the response. These are older palms about 7-8ft tall. Have been in the same pots for a number of years. I just got them with a new house. Unfortunately I do not have the option of moving them to a less shaded area. Does that mean they should be watered more frequently?

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they love water.. but not to sit in it, do not allow them to sit in standing water.

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