Japanese Beetles

soonergrandmomJune 19, 2012

Thought everyone might like to see why we complain about Japanese Beetles. Attached is a thread from the Vegetable Forum

Here is a link that might be useful: JB

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Four years ago in early July we hung 9 beetle traps, each holding a gallon and went to California for 10 days. When we got back, every trap was full--some overflowing. That was the worst year for us. This year so far not bad. There are several on KW Pole beans and the roses but so far 4 traps haven't caught over 1/2 gallon total. Hope it stays light for us. Glenn sprayed the peach tree three times with Neem which cut the brown spot down to a level that at least we got peaches and also deterred the beetles. Last year we lost almost the entire crop. Nothing to put up at all.

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Would you explain how you made your traps? Thank you :)

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Dorothy, I have them right now but they aren't as bad as they are some years. I have a little damage on the bean vines, and a lot of grape leaf damage. That grape vine has been there for about 10 years and I have never gotten grapes. The JBs eat the leaves, then the birds come in and eat the grapes. I just consider it bird food. LOL

I am hoping that they don't get any worse. I can just ignore this many, but some years I have to become involved in helping them take a dive into soapy water.

I have mixed feelings about traps since one school of thought is that the scent lures them in.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

That's a lot of beetles and damage in those photos. I cannot imagine living in the eastern states that have them in huge numbers pretty much all the time.

We normally do not have them here in our county in significant numbers, although I'll see one or two or three a year. That's nothing compared to what y'all see. This year they're here in large enough numbers that they're gobbling up a native grapevine that has sprouted and invaded my garden's entry arbor and is trying to outcompete the 'Pink Lemonade' honeysuckle that grows on the arbor. So far, I've just ignored the JBs since I don't like that grapevine anyway.

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trees, the traps are available commercially at feed and farmer's co-ops. I don't remember the brand names. We've used two different kinds both equally effective. But last year and this we made out own traps out of empty milk jugs. Still had to buy the bait that adheres to the inside of the jug with adhesive. First cut the opening bigger on one side of the jug away from the handle, just big enough to slide the bait in and press it onto the inside of the jug. Then tied the jugs to fence wire and tree limbs.

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We have a friend that is a corn farmer and plants a lot of field corn. He also plants a sizable amount of sweet corn in one of his fields and he didn't get one ear last year because of the Japanese Beetles.

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