Supercell looks serious, Dawn!

scottokla(7)June 7, 2014

You guys in the south half of the state keep aware. Large hail and strong wind.

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Thanks, Scott, I'm watching it on the radar, white-knuckled. If the radar-indicated tennis ball sized hail hits my garden, then I just wasted the whole entire day working in the garden in temperatures up to 103 degrees. I went out before 7 a.m. and came in to stay about 8:15 pm, though I came in frequently to cool off. Obviously I'd prefer we get rain and not hail. I can hear thunder but the main storm is still way out west towards Rubottom creeping towards us in an agonizingly slow manner. Meanwhile, we have two VFDs (not ours) fighting a car fire on the interstate. Too bad the rain couldn't hurry up and get there and put it out for them. Where's the rain when you need it? About 20 miles west, it seems.

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Looks like your storm died out, Dawn. Not until the west end of the county got 3 inches of rain in an hour, though.

Severe storms are popping up all over the southwest third of the state now, and tornadic ones are in the Texas panhandle and NM. It will be a long night. Fortunately they will not be supercells any more by the time they get to us.

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Dawn - I know you'll stay weather - aware. Scott - it's people like you that add to our "web". (pun intended) You and others like you know we have a history and this is our "go to" place.

Everyone stay safe and pray it's only the much needed rain!

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gmatx zone 6

Everyone stay safe over there. The thunderstorms are passing over Canyon/Amarillo right now. So far no hail or excessively strong winds. Hope all of you get just some good rain.

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Dare I say Lake Texoma might rise a few feet or more in the next week!

Some serious rain totals in the southwest corner of the state. Yeah for them!

Looks like the most extreme weather is over. Let's get some of that rain up here!

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Those folks in western Love County have been even drier than us, so I'm thrilled for them that they got all that rain tonight. They still need a lot more, but it is a start.

We had minor sprinkles--they may not even have added up to a trace, but some rain did hit the ground here.

I believe we will get good rainfall over the next few days, and I believe that for a perfectly sound and logical reason: because if we don't get good rainfall, my garden is done. I watered like crazy all week just trying to keep it hanging on until the rain could get here, but I can't water like that all summer. So, my garden's life is hanging in the balance here. It isn't that it would be nice if good rainfall occurs, or that we are hoping to get good is that we must have it. I truly think we will get it.

And if somehow all these storms go around us, past us, or over us with the rain falling and evaporating before it can reach the ground, etc., I am going to be really cranky. I will take crankiness to a whole new level.

Today was so hot and had such drying wind that most of the cool-season plants that were left just collapsed in little heaps in the garden. It was about the saddest thing I've ever seen. They've had all they can stand, and if rain doesn't fall, the warm-season crops will be the next thing to roll over and play dead.

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I hate it that the storms are passing you on the north tonight. Still time though, but it's too bad you are missing out on the first big one.

Flood warnings for the sw corner of the state, Altus to Frederick to the very corner. Lots of 3 to 4 inch totals by morning.

I hope I wake up to rain in the morning.

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What a great sound....rain falling. We so need the moisture just not any hail or damaging winds.


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How exciting for everyone who received rain including the Texas panhandle. Some places have been getting hammered.

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We're at almost an inch and a half of gorgeous, steady rain -- no hail or big winds so far. I'm located just ten or fifteen miles north of Dawn, so am hoping very much that she is getting all this too. The image of her cool season plants collapsing in sad little heaps around her garden is awful!


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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

I woke up cranky with the sound of thunder booming, the roosters crowing and no raindrops falling. However, about a half-hour later, light rain started and then it turned heavier for a while. Light rain is still falling, but it looks like it might be coming to an end for this morning. It might rain another hour or so.

I checked the rain gauges and the one in the front garden had 1.63" and the one in the back garden had 1.78". Those two rain gauges sit about 300' apart. In a couple of hours time, we just got more rain than we had in all of May.

Rick, I agree, and so far at our house we have had only rain with no hail and not a lot of wind.

Scott, I hope you got good rain, both at home and at the farm.

Bon, I keep hoping we'll get hammered, but we haven't been that lucky. Still, we have had good rainfall today and I am so grateful.

Flis, I'm glad the rain reached y'all too.

I've never had cool-season plants just collapse like they did yesterday. Normally, there is a gradual decline and they are done. Yesterday, some cool-season herbs and flowers just wilted, either fell to the ground or fell over, turned brown and gave up the ghost. They looked fine in the morning, and dead by sunset. I yanked out most of them---they included chamomile, pansies and, especially, borage. Here, borage usually makes it until mid-July, but then again, we've never been this dry before from Jan-early June.

The onions behaved most strangely. They started popping up out of the ground like popcorn. It was the strangest thing. Had I not been working inside the garden with the gate closed to exclude wildlife, I would have thought some animal had pulled them up. Usually, they get to the soft neck stage and their neck bends over. And, usually, they do gradually emerge more and more above ground as they enlarge, but I still have to pull them out of the ground. Some of these were completely on top of the soil. It was so bizarre, as a lot of them weren't even at the softneck stage yet. By the end of the day I had gathered and carried about 100 onions up to join the others drying on tables underneath the carport. About the only onions still in the ground are Red River (and some of those also popped up out of the ground with perfectly straight, hard necks) and Highlander.

The potato plants went from beautiful green to a mass of crumpled stems on the ground. I suppose they had taken all the heat, drought and hot wind they could stand. I dug all the potatoes and once I was about 3" below the surface of the soil, there was no moisture at all and some of the larger potatoes had rotted. I had watered a lot and expected more moisture deep down. I dug as fast as I could to save all the potatoes I could, and got about 85% of them harvested yesterday. I'll finish the rest after the rain stops. There are tons and tons of potatoes, but mostly small ones, which is okay. They still will taste great.

I am going to have a bunch of bare "holes" in the garden where all the cool-season plants used to be. I'll likely sow Seminole pumpkin seeds and "Scrumptious" muskmelon seeds in some of those spots and zinnia seeds in the rest.

My best guess is the plants simply had tolerated all the dry soil and heat for as long as they could and they just couldn't take it anymore. We'd hit 99 degrees earlier in the week and hit 103 yesterday and even the hot-season plants looked unhappy, so I'm not surprised about the cool-season ones to some degree. And, it wasn't universal. Some borage plants totally collapsed, some partially collapsed, and some were shaded heavily by adjacent plants and they wilted a little but looked fine. The same was true of the pansies.

The lettuce we had in black tubs in almost full shade were done on that 99-degree day. I may pull the plants and feed them to the deer and the cottontails tonight, or I may leave them in the tubs and let them set seeds for the birds to eat.

Our ground is dry and cracking very badly all over the property, so I wonder if the shifting soil pushed the onions up out of the ground? I guess we'll never really know. I just know it was a bizarre day in the garden.

More rain is in the forecast for tonight and I need to find my rainboots. I have some really cute ones that I wear when working in the garden and I can't find them. I haven't used them since at least 2012, but I thought I knew where they were. Maybe they sprouted legs and walked off to some area that had more rain? Maybe they were tired of sitting in the closet (or wherever they are) forever and not getting to go outside and play? We have rain. We have mud. We have puddles. Now, I've just got to find those boots.

I hope everyone gets rain, but not too much at once. Flooding is almost as bad as drought.

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gmatx zone 6

Yippee.....Dawn and others in Oklahoma got rain! That is cause for celebration. I know I said a thankful prayer and celebrated when we started getting some rain back last month and as it has continued, including the 6/10" last night. May we all continue to get good rain without any flooding or damage from wind, hail or tornadoes. I'll take the broken storm window from hail the other night just to get the rain we got. I'm out to massacre more mosquitoes.

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We missed out for the most part. About half an inch as best I can tell. One more chance tonight/tomorrow.

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It rained overnight in the Calhoun GA, area. but nothing in my tent got wet. Yes, I am out on a bike tour.

Here is a link that might be useful: New bike tour

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Okiedawn OK Zone 7

Scott, Sorry that it mostly missed you. Maybe you'll get some more with this next round.

Moni, That sounds like a great bike tour. Oklahoma FreeWheel is here in Marietta tonight and I wondered if you were participating in that one, but the one you're on sounds amazing. Have a great tour.


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