Questions about Chinese Tree Peony

sasweinJuly 28, 2007


I just received a gift of a Red Chinese Tree Peony. It arrived in a box (National Arbor Day Foundation), but has no information about it or on the website.

I know that it is best to plant trees during the fall, but I am not sure about what to do with it at this time of year. It is in a box and is a bare stem with roots wrapped in plastic. Should I plant it now? Can it go in a pot? How much sun is best?


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As it is bare root, definitely get it in the ground now. Just make sure to mulch it well & keep it well watered. You might also want to give it some temporary extra shade, such as an overturned laundry basket or a market umbrella. It is strange that you would be sent a bare root plant with no leaves at this time of year.

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My suggestion is soak in vitamin b/ root transplant stimulator and pot it up in a peat/potting soil mixes and keep it in the shade until the fall. It is too hot to be planting peonies bare root now especially if it does not have feeder roots.



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