Guide to Permaculture gardening and Growbiointensive

carralluma(CA)November 6, 2004

Hello every one. Im preaty new to permaculture. I know there are books all about it like "Disigners manual" and "How to grow more vegtabels" of the Growbiointensive. My qustion is: Are there any free guides that are in the same scale on the internet?

Any comment would be apriciated.

Thanks very much


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Belgianpup(Wa/Zone 7b)

Doing a basic search on PERMACULTURE will get you some information, but there is still a big hole.

For instance, I would like to see plant lists for certain areas. It can be difficult to collect the info you need for YOUR area, as so much of it is generalized. And a lot of the agricultural info is from our government (U.S.), and isn't exactly pro-organic.

To tell the truth, I collect bits & pieces of info for my area, & put it on a disk labeled PERMACULTURE. I just toss it on to make sure I have it, then tidy it up into categories later.

If you happen to run across good P- sites, post them here for the rest of us to find, okay?


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Hi. Thanks very much for the reply. I see what you mean. And i will surely post the URLs that and if i find of good permaculture Guides.

All the best


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