How close can I plant these 2 palms?

theseventhlegendApril 17, 2010

I would like to know how close I can plant a Sago Palm next to a Queen Palm? I need to transplant a good sized Sago (10" across the trunk, 3 1/2 ft tall) but to place it next to my Queen Palm will be squeezing into a bordered garden. (I might have to abandon this idea) The Queen Palm is small (4" across the trunk, 4ft tall). I'm aware of the mature thickness of each trunk BUT as they mature, how close is too close? Sagos are more sensitive to fertilizer, in contrast Queens need a good feeding. So when I fertilize, I don't want to upset my Sago and if it's too close I'll have a problem. Plus planting it too close may look bad??? Anyone have any experience with this?

FYI my goal is for the Sago to be an understory palm. So basically what do you think is the closest I can place a Sago next to a Queen? How much space do I need in between each palm if they are both mature palms? Thanks for your help.

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You can plant them fairly close, I'd say 3' apart. You may already know this, the Sagao is actually a Cycad and not a palm. Just be keeping an eye out for scale and combat it as soon as you see it. Coffee grounds work well.

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I agree, they shouldnt have to be planted too far away from each other. But I would leave about 2 feet of room between the end of a frond on the sago palm and the trunk of the queen palm so if the sago palm makes pups, they can grow.

Good luck!

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Thanks guys. I was concerned about rootballs and not making the garden look cluttered as it matures. 3ft of space is all I have to the border... so either it won't work or I'll just have to redo the whole garden. lol

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I think it should be okay. If your looking for a neat and spaced out look then they will be too close, but if you are hoping that one day all the plants kind of grow into each other (like a tropical look) then that should be just enough space.

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If you want both of your palm trees to look awesome, try planting them in a distance of 6 feet from each other, otherwise they might look to close when they grow affecting the view and coolness of the spot.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I would plant at least 6 feet apart, and 8 feet is better, the sago is a slow grower and the queen palm grows much faster.

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