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rufassa(7)November 4, 2011

I have told my mother that I will plant some pomegranate trees in here yard next spring. This is in Tallahasse, FL Zone 8. I want to plant a full guild with each tree.

The sit I am thinking of planting them in on a steep south facing hill. But there are two things that I need to research as I have not been able to find good answers.

1) I see that they like acidic soil so I want to know the best way to prep the ground. I was thinking I was going to dig out some swales and drop sulfer and pine needles down in the spot I am planning to plant.

2) What plants should I plant as companions. I am thinking of putting a couple blueberries in front with alpine strawberries growing as grown cover, and some flowering plant (possibly Chilean Jasmine or Honey Suckles) it will be Honeysuckle if I can determine that it can stand the same growing condition.

Any advice as to how best to adapt this idea? Will I need to add any particlar plants to help with pests?

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Another thing is at the top of the hill is light forest growth. Would I benefit by going into the tree line with each guild? This will allow the falling leaves from the other trees to act as mulch and possible act as a wid break from three direction. Or would it be best to place it on the edge of the hill in front of the other trees where it would be part of the lawn?

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I wouldn't worry about the pH. Pomegranate grows like a weed in AZ and the soil here is typically very alkaline.

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