Itoh stems rotting and falling right out

ptwonlineJuly 14, 2014

I planted some Itohs this spring that were growing in a greenhouse, and so were about a foot or so tall already when planted in late April here in Toronto.

One in particular (a Bartzella) is struggling: the stems are breaking and falling right out at ground level or just below. it really seems like either the stems are really weak and cannot support the plant especially after it rains, or else this corner of my garden is too wet and the stems are rotting right at around ground level. So far 4 of the 8 major stems have fallen right out, and the rest look like they could go soon too.

What should I do? Is this plant doomed or will it come back next year? Will any other type of peony survive/thrive on this particular spot (marginally full sun at about 6 hrs, tends to stay a bit soggy since it as the lower end of my front walkway)?

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Peonies don't like soggy at all, the roots will rot. I suggest you move it. If any of the root is mushy when you dig it up you'll want to prune it off. Good luck, hope you can save them!

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Move it asap. I did the same for 7 of my peonies 2 did not recover. I also live in Toronto and this year is very challenging for a lot of my plants.

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Ok, I'll try moving it. What do you recommend planting in it's place? 6 hrs sun, a bit soggy, next to a walkway? I hear Rugosa Roses can tolerate wet feet, but I don't want anything that thorny next to a walkway like that.

This spot is one of the most prominent locations in my garden (right at the end of the walkway, closest to the street so it gets seen fhe most) which is why I put the Bartzella there in the first place. Maybe some showy annuals?

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Japanese or siberian irises will be happy in soggy soil. Try Humber nurseries or Plant World. They both have a great selectoin of those...

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Hydrangea like moist soil

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