Barzella rooting in vase?

Stig_of_the_Dump(8)July 30, 2011

I had some sort of fungal desease on my Barzella this spring due to cold and wet conditions (most likely). I cut it back and now it seems to be producing new buds. Is that normal for intersectionals, by the way?

Anyway, I was sad to throw away the buds, so I put one in a vase with water. The bud still looks fresh, more than a month later! It has not developed, though, and flowered as I hoped it would. It seems to have developed roots, it could also be something else caused by bacteria. Not on the bottom of the cutting but on the lowest removed leaf. Very "fluffy". Is it altoghether possible that it is forming roots?

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That is where the roots can come out of if you do air grafts so it is probably roots.

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Can I put it in a pot? Do I need a greenhouse for this?

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uroboros5(Z5 Quebec)

The bud may be dormant.

The buds for the following spring form in late summer.

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