Comparing Bartzella versus Garden Treasure

gardenwebbieJuly 14, 2006

Would someone please tell me what the differences are between the two?

How do I tell what I am looking at is Bartzella, not Garden Treasure?

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The price tag. ;-D

I've seen Garden Treasure and it's gorgeous!! I hear tell it's worth every penny of the $125 it costs! Many flowers, long bloomer...

I'd never heard of Bartzella (which is MORE expensive!), so I did a little googling and came across this info for you:

"Like Garden Treasure, [Bartzella] has deep yellow flowers and a good fragrance. It is perhaps a little taller than Garden Treasure and produces flowers on slightly longer stems. "

Seems like you have to have them side by side to know the difference, and even then it seems subtle.

p.s. scroll down a bit on the link and you'll see the photos and text.

Here is a link that might be useful: Yellow Peony info

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Garden Treasure close up:

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What a stunning peony!!! Thanks for sharing the pix!

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These two plants are not hard to tell apart. Bartzella is a 4x4 plant with as many as 80 flowers on an establish plant. Flowers up to 9 1/2 inches across. Garden Treasure is a low growing plant, with large flowers, no where near eighty. Really there is no camparision between the two.

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I can't say this for sure and would like to hear from the Bartzella's owners, but when I saw it last year in bloom I've got an impression that flowers on Bartzella are slightly different from one to another while on GT all flowers are identical.
Agree that B is more floriferous than GT, though GT being a shorter plant don't need much of a staking. At least in my garden :-))

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Ego45 you just heard from Bartzella's owner.

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I'm aware that 'callies' is a Mr.Anderson, originator of Bartzella, Callies Memory and many many more :-))
Would be nice to have 'confirm' or 'deny' statement about variability of Bartzella's flowers on the same plant.

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